Application of Metal Materials in Furniture

July 10, 2023

Since the ancient times, metal materials have been used in many areas as well as in furniture production. Metals, which were mostly used as joining elements, accessories and carriers, are now also used to form a complete furniture. Bronze, gold, silver and iron are the most widely used metals in the past, while steel and aluminum are the most used metals in today’s furniture production.

The Processing of Metals

The processing of the metals does not differ much from the previous periods. They can be formed by bending with heat, by force effect or by cutting, drilling and abrasion techniques. However, the advancement of technology and the continuous development of new production techniques and new materials also contribute to the creation of new forms. The metals used in furniture production are the preferred materials for industry, designer and consumer thanks to its technological opportunities and psychological effects. The ease of forming and joining of the material, its ability to be found in standard sizes, its durability and its ability to recycle is assuring.


Features of Metals

Metal materials have found its place in various areas in the industry with features such as high heat and electrical conductivity, brightness and tendency of changing shape. The production of various metals in modern industry has provided the use of these materials as an alternative to wood in building and furniture sectors.


Use of Metal in Furniture

Metals, which are part of everyday life, have been changed with heat and pressure and shaped by hand tools for various purposes since ancient times. Thanks to this feature, metal is a preferred material in furniture production.

Between the 12th-18th centuries, metal in furniture has been used more as an ornament element or rivet, hinge and connector. In the 19th century, the use of yellow metals for decoration purposes has continued. However, in this century, iron began to be used for operating tables, dentists and barber chairs. With the industrialization, metal products have become the symbol of the machinery period. The widespread use of metal in interior elements coincides with the Bauhaus period.


In the post-modern period and today, the demand for traditional furniture production techniques has not hampered the use of metals. Factory production and the development of material technology makes the use of metals, especially aluminum, inevitable, as an addition to traditional wood furniture. It can be observed that shaping metals today is not very different from the old ages. However, the development of material technology allows new forms to be obtained.


Due to the fact that metal material is found present, is robust and has ease of joining it has many areas of use in furniture. Metal material, depending on its function, has been used as a carrier, a strengthening element or to form the skeleton of furniture and sometimes as a preference to decorate or cover the furniture. It has also been used to create a furniture as a whole.


Metal frames aren't looking like they'll lose popularity any time soon. There are a million and one different ways to design and form a metal frame to make your furniture feel fresh and contemporary. If you want to know more about metal furniture, please contact QIANFU - The Wire Furniture Factory. 

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